Right Where You Belong

Here you are: At an urban university with powerful programs and opportunities—for your education, your career, your life. On a high-energy, downtown campus right next to the Rocky Mountains. Part of a strong CU Denver Lynx community, where we lift one another up to meet our challenges. You are right where you belong.

The Essentials

Getting Involved

Studies show that when you get involved on campus, you do better in your classes. Plus, you’ll meet new people and probably have fun. That’s a win-win for you.

Jobs & Internships

Professional experience. Career connections. A regular paycheck. All good things you can get from a job or an internship. You can find employment opportunities on campus, in downtown Denver, throughout the metro area, and far beyond. Imagine doing an internship abroad!

Support for All

When you want to connect and feel like you belong. When you could use a little help getting through a tough time. When you know that, with the right resources, you can achieve your goals. As a member of the CU Denver Lynx community, you have access to student services that can support you in so many ways.