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Undergraduate Academic Advising

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Advising Is Learning

Advising at CU Denver is more than just scheduling classes. It's an ongoing, collaborative partnership designed to help students grow academically, personally, and professionally. CU Denver advisors have developed three learning outcomes to help guide this partnership and give students a clear definition of what they can expect to learn as a result of their advising experience. Because each student has different needs and strengths, each advising relationship will be different, and some outcomes may bring out greater focus than others throughout the advising experience.

Our three advising learning outcome categories target knowledge, skills, and inherent personal qualities—illustrated in the answers to three simple questions.

Types of Advising

Organization of Advising

Academic advising at CU Denver is as diverse as the students that learn here. Each system is designed to engage students’ academic choices, interests, and exploration. There is no main advising center. Advising for undergraduate and graduate students is primarily organized within the seven academic CU Denver schools and colleges. The Center for Undergraduate Exploration and Advising (CUE&A) is an additional resource for undergraduate students.

Connecting with your advising office is simple. Just go to your UCDAccess student portal and click on the Advisor icon in your Student Center. You can also schedule an advising appointment through your portal. Click on Make an Appointment in the upper right.

​​Delivery of Advising

Students at CU Denver receive academic advising primarily from professional advisors and/or faculty advisors. Learn how advising works at your school or college, or at the Center for Undergraduate Exploration and Advising.

Our Vision

​​Academic advising at CU Denver will be an integral component to students' entire undergraduate experience and valued for its contributions to student learning, success, and engagement.​​​ ​In Undergraduate Academic Advising, we practice a holistic approach to working with each student. It's a partnership characterized by shared responsibility between the student, advisor, and campus professionals who advance the university mission of student success. ​​Advisors serve as a gateway to information and resources that can assist you academically, professionally and personally.

What We Do

  • ​Foster students’ personal, social, and professional development
  • Provide accurate and timely information
  • Value the diverse experiences and identities of all students
  • Utilize technology to facilitate effective planning and communication for degree completion
  • Promote student engagement

How We Do It

  • Help students transition to and navigate the campus environment​​​
  • Introduce students to university and college-wide polices and processes including those found in the university catalog
  • Assist students to identify their academic and career goals and create an education plan that supports those goals
  • Refer students to appropriate resources as needed
  • Help students understand their prior college-level credits evaluation and how any transfer course work applies towards degree requirements
  • Help students explore major and program options
  • Conduct advising on degree requirements using a variety of methods and tools
  • Guide students through the course selection and registration process
  • Monitor student’s academic progress toward graduation, and advise them towards timely completion
  • Connect students to opportunities beyond the classroom
  • Inform students of processes required for major changes, appeals, and exceptions to policy
  • Utilize Navigate, a shared advising note-taking system, to promote accuracy, transparency, and consistency across advising offices
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