As a recent graduate of CU Denver, there still may need to request that you will make to update your status, apply for STEM Extension OPT, or request a transfer out. If you do not see a form or request here that suits your needs please be in contact with your International Services Specialist.

​Eligible students that would like to request the 24-Month STEM Extension of their OPT must complete the following form and return to their specialist.

Transfer-Out Form

​Students that are wanting to transfer out of CU Denver to another school in the U.S. must complete the Transfer-Out Form.

F-2 & J-2 Dependent Request

​Student that are on OPT that would like to have their dependents from abroad join them in the U.S. can make a request to have their dependents to received I-20s or DS-2019s for F-2 & J-2 VISAs.

If you are an International Alumni of CU Denver and your would like to update your information or get in contact with ISSS, please fill out our Alumni Contact Form.

Online Request Form

Use our Online Request Form to make letter request for social security, drivers license, update your OPT, and other types of general requests.