Maintaining Sponsorship for Current International Sponsored Students

Financial Guarantee Letter

To maintain sponsorship status at the University of Colorado Denver, students must have a valid Financial Guarantee Letter (FGL) and any required non-traditional course approvals on file with Sponsored Student Services before the first tuition payment deadline of each semester. Students or sponsor advisors must submit the FGL (and any required non-traditional course approvals) to the Sponsored Student Coordinator in the Office of International Affairs. Students or sponsor advisors can email the FGL to

Requirements of a valid FGL

  • FGL must be addressed to the University of Colorado Denver
  • Sponsor Information
    • Note: Organization/Government Name, mailing address, email address, telephone number
  • Student Name with student ID
  • Student Degree/Major
    • Note: This value must match with your University records
  • Validation period covering the entire term
    • Example: Spring 2021 or January 2021 – May 2021
    • Note: If the dates do not cover the full term, the letter will be considered invalid.
  • Charges covered by sponsorship
    • Example: tuition, fees, health insurance, online/hybrid courses, etc.
  • Charges not covered by sponsorship, if applicable
  • Billing instructions
    • Note: This can be by mail or email
  • Billing contact information
    • Required if different from Sponsor Information (above)

Sponsored Student Agreement Form

Effective Fall 2021, sponsored students will also be required to complete the Sponsored Student Agreement Form (in the UCDAccess Portal) before each semester's first tuition and fee due date. This form must be completed before the student account may be assigned to conditional credit. Students may take the following steps to complete their Sponsored Student Agreement Form each semester:

  1. Log into UCDAccess
  2. In the top-right menu, select “Student Billing.”
  3. Then select “Sponsored Student Agreement.”
  4. Read the instructions and fill out the form. 


If the student fails to submit a valid FGL and/or Sponsored Student Agreement Form by the first tuition payment deadline of each semester, the student will be responsible for paying their tuition and fees and any applied service charges and late fees that start to accrue. In addition, a hold will be placed on the student’s account for non-payment of any balance. An account hold for non-payment of a past-due balance may prevent future class registration, access to official transcripts, and diploma release.

If a student submits a valid FGL to Sponsored Student Services after the tuition and fee deadline of a given semester, any applied late and/or service charges will remain the student's responsibility to pay. Late and service charges are not billed to the sponsor.

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