Welcome Sponsored Students! The Office of International Affairs is happy to serve as your primary resource regarding sponsor related questions while attending the University of Colorado Denver. The Sponsored Student Coordinator serves as the liaison between the University, ESL Academy and the sponsoring organizations, to help sponsored students navigate the variety of rules and expectations set by all parties including the U.S. Government. Please do not hesitate to contact the Sponsored Student Coordinator by email at sponsorservices@ucdenver.edu or by phone at (303) 315-0066. You may also schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you.

Who Is Considered A Sponsored Student At CU Denver?

A Sponsored Student is a student who meets the following two requirements:

  1. The student receives funding to attend CU Denver from a third party organization (the Sponsor). Sponsors are typically government organizations or private companies.
  2. The student's sponsor will be billed directly for the student's tuition and fees by the University of Colorado Denver.

A student is not classified as a “Sponsored Student” when the student receives his/her scholarship funds directly and remains responsible to pay CU Denver for tuition and fees through the Student Account.  This student is considered a "Scholarship Recipient" and is not managed by the Sponsored Student Coordinator.