Letters for Sponsors

To request a letter for your Sponsor, please fill out the Sponsored Student Letter Request Form. Most requested letters are the Anticipated Graduation Letter, Study Plan, Verification of Enrollment, and Online/Hybrid Enrollment History. Please use this form whenever you need a letter for your Sponsor unless you are requesting an official document. Please note, the following letters require that you meet with an academic advisor prior to completion:

  • Degree/Study Plan
  • Degree Progress/Anticipated Graduation Date
  • Major Change Request
  • Double Major Request
  • Transfer Credit Applied

Standard processing time for most letter requests is 7 business days. However, there may be delays at times of high request volume (e.g. the beginning of the semester). Sponsored Student Services recommends requesting any letters at least 3 weeks in advance of when your sponsor requires the letter(s).

IMPORTANT: Letters may only be provided if a student has submitted the Sponsor Acknowledgement Form to the Sponsored Student Coordinator.

Sponsor Acknowledgement Form


Sponsor Letter Request Form



Letters by the Office of the Registrar

Official documents (such as official transcripts or diplomas) must be ordered by the student through the Office of the Registrar. To visit the Office of the Registrar’s website for CU Denver, please click here. To visit the Office of the Registrar’s website for CU Anschutz, please click here.