Housing Resources for the CU Denver Campus

Temporary Accommodation

Having a place to stay for the first night in the United States is essential.

If you don’t have long-term housing arranged, we suggest you book short-term accommodation for at least 3 or 4 nights while finding a permanent place to stay.

So, choose the best option depending on the location and travel time to campus.

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Hotels in downtown Denver are more expensive than hotels that are a short light rail ride away. Students might wish to consider one of these hotels.


What is a hostel? A hostel is a temporary, shared accommodation that helps your budget go further. Hostels usually include communal sleeping areas and bathrooms, sometimes organized by gender. Here are a few hostels that you can consider; visit the links below for more information:

Room or Home Rentals:

These properties are the personal homes of individuals, rented by the actual homeowner, usually by the night or week. The properties vary from a room within the home to a separate apartment/condo/house.

Websites to compare different kinds of accommodations, prices, and ratings:

*The university does not endorse or recommend any specific landlord, individual property owner, property management company, or apartment/housing search tool.

On-Campus Housing

Living on campus takes away the stress of finding a place to live and has many advantages!

We have two on-campus Housing options: Lynx Crossing and City Heights. 

As a resident of Lynx Crossing or City Heights, you will have events just for your building, RAs to support you, meal plans, easy walks to class, other students right next door, free wifi, laundry, and utilities. Also, you can quickly pay for on-campus housing with international wire transfers and preorder necessities for your dorm!

Lynx Crossing

Lynx Crossing is an on-campus housing option open to all CU Denver graduate and undergraduate students. They have furnished rooms and a meal plan option! You can live at Lynx Crossing year-round, including in summer.

City Heights

City Heights is a new building for first-year undergraduate students in the center of campus! It has multiple room layouts, the rooms are furnished, and there is a meal plan to eat on campus

Off-Campus Housing

If you prefer to live off-campus, there are many options, but you should start looking at options before arrival. If you can, set up a tour of the places you are interested in for the first few days after your arrival.

Searching for Housing in Denver

Students often share accommodations to reduce costs. Also, check out our info on roommates!

One of the best ways to find a place to live is through CU Denver’s Off-Campus Housing and Roommate Database! You can f and properties that are friendly to international students, and you can even find potential roommates through this platform!

In addition to the Off-Campus Housing Database, you could use these websites:

We’ve also compiled this list of places where international students and scholars have lived in the past, which might be helpful in your search.

It is generally not wise to commit to a lease without having seen the housing or at least had it viewed in person by a trusted friend. Most apartment complexes have websites for scheduling tours, submitting applications, and communicating with staff. However, priv te landlords often prefer to communicate by phone. Therefore, ca ion should always be taken when searching for a new place to live. If possible, go with a friend to check out new sites. If ou should ever feel uncomfortable in a situation, leave immediately.

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Tips and resources for on and off-campus housing options in the Denver area.

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