Guidance for HR/Partners/Department Administrators

Immigration Administrator

The employing unit must determine whether the University is willing to commit the time and resources toward the permanent residence process. The institutional policy does not permit University applications for temporary positions such as postdoctoral fellows or visiting scholars. The position must be one of the University’s regular, full-time positions.

The institutional policy also requires that all decisions about which applications will be filed be made by International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS), in consultation with the international faculty or staff’s department.

Please download and read Partnering with ISSS to Apply for Legal Permanent Residency.

Partnering w/ ISSS to Apply for Permanent Residency

Finally, the institutional policy does not permit the use of outside counsel to represent the University unless the attorney has been appointed Special Assistant Attorney General. Only one immigration law firm has been appointed to represent the campus in immigration matters: In order to use law firm(s) for a University application, it is necessary to first obtain permission from the ISSS unit

In order to start the process of discussing the various routes to permanent residence, the employing unit should submit an official request to ISSS through the following documentation below, and make sure to review the information on Partnering with ISSS to apply for Legal Permanent Residency: