Personal Training

Benefits of Working with a Certified Personal Trainer

Work with a certified personal trainer, engaging in workouts that reflect your interests and goals. Get one-on-one support and a personalized exercise plan that enhances your wellness journey, whether you’re training for performance or just starting out.

✔ Individualized fitness programs designed for you

✔ Learn proper movement patterns and technique

✔ Increased strength, endurance, and flexibility

✔ Improve balance and posture

✔ Motivation and accountability

✔ Improve body composition

1. Fill out and submit a completed Personal Trainer Registration Packet

2. Schedule your initial complimentary fitness consultation with one of our Certified Personal Trainers

3. Following the Consultation, purchase sessions at the Welcome Desk and you will be scheduled for your first session with your trainer

Fitness consultation includes the in-body assessment
Personal Training is currently on a waitlist.
Individual 60-minute: $29Individual 60-minute: $39
Individual 30-minute: $17Individual 30-minute: $23
Duo 30-minute: $12Duo 30-minute: $15
Duo 60-minute: $17Duo 60-minute: $23


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