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Information for Students and Sponsors

The Bursar's Office Third-Party Billing Team administers tuition/fee arrangements between Third-Party Billing Sponsors and the university. A third-party entity is defined as an individual, private, government, state agency, or other outside entity that will assist in paying for any portion of your tuition and/or fees AND request a bill directly from the University. Examples include military tuition assistance, State Vocational Rehabilitation, workforce centers, etc. Third-party billing Sponsor Payments are subject to the same Federal Reporting requirements as other financial aid. 

  • Domestic and International Students: You should submit a Sponsored Agreement Form each term before the census date. You must also have a voucher/Letter of Credit/Financial Guarantee Letters/Authorizations submitted to the appropriate office before a conditional credit can be applied to the student account. The only exceptions are the following sponsors: Americorps, VA Chapter 31/Chapter 33, and CU Denver K-12 Outreach Students.
  • All students: please read the below FAQ "What is the Third-Party Billing Process" and "Student Responsibilities"

Since the Third-Party Billing Team helps other university departments with the administration of their student's educational benefits, these students will need to contact their respective university departments to begin the Third-Party Billing Sponsorship Process:

External government entities or organizations that do not require an official invoice from the Bursar's Office may be administered by the Financial Aid & Scholarship Offices (FASO). If you are unsure if your payment is a scholarship or a sponsorship, please, contact us via email at

​The Third-Party Billing Team will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the specific billing requirements of sponsors. Students are expected to provide any documentation, corroboration, or notifications required by their sponsors that are outside the duties and responsibilities of the Third-Party Billing Team. 

​The team reserves the right to deny any billing authorization(s) that does not adhere to the guidelines listed under "What Information is Needed to Set-Up or Maintain a Tuition/Fee Third-Party Billing Arrangement?" in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this webpage.

Third-Party Sponsors cannot use QuikPay or its authorized users function to make payments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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