CCOC Syllabi Review Process

Approved 11/2023


CCOC Bylaws (2015) 2(c): The CCOC shall monitor Core Curriculum courses to ensure adherence to general-education guidelines as determined by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, the University of Colorado Board of Regents, and the CU Denver schools/colleges.


The CCOC fulfills this responsibility through periodic review of Intellectual Competencies and Knowledge Areas. The CCOC began routine, periodic review of core-area in the spring of 2008. Reviewing one core-area's syllabi per semester, the CCOC provides core-course faculty with feedback concerning compliance with requirements and consistency within the core area. Each core area is reviewed for the specific requirements as designated by our bylaws and policies.


Schedule of periodic review through Fall 2027:

Fa 2023 – Social Sciences

Sp 2024 – Behavioral Sciences

Fa 2024 – Cultural Diversity

Sp 2025 – International Perspectives

Fa 2025 – Composition and Mathematics

Sp 2026 – Natural and Physical Sciences

Fa 2026 – Arts

Sp 2027 -- Humanities

Fa 2027 – Social Sciences


Each semester, CCOC requests information from each unit about the Core classes they teach in the specific Core Area being reviewed. For each core class, units are asked to report on each section of the course they taught or once per class for courses that share syllabi and activities between all sections. Units/instructors will be referred to the CCOC website which will house the review forms that will be used by the Committee to evaluate the course, and the core area criteria. Units will be asked to complete a survey which will collect the following information and upload a syllabus.


  Describe the specific assignment(s), project(s), or activity(ies) through which the learning outcome will be assessed. In the future, we hope all instructors will provide data on the class’s success for each outcome. If available now, please provide the percentage of students achieving proficiency for each outcome. This could be the grade distribution of the assignment you described or some other determinant you decide upon. It is up to you the cutoff for what you consider “proficiency”.
Learning Outcome 1    
Learning Outcome 2    
Learning Outcome 3    
Learning Outcome 4    
Comments on the teaching and student performance of these learning objectives or thoughts on things you may change in the future to improve outcomes. For example: Did you notice patterns in student performance? Particular areas of weakness or strengths, such as lack of background knowledge, etc. What teaching approaches worked or didn’t work with this outcome? What ideas can you offer your colleagues for teaching this outcome? What assessment approaches would you recommend for this outcome? Did the assessment approach you used work as well as you had hoped?  



Each course will be reviewed by at least two CCOC faculty members. Members will use a form to evaluate each course. Members will be asked to review syllabi to ensure they meet the University syllabi policy. Members will also be asked to assess if the course meets the criteria for skills and content described for the Core area.


Based upon the Committee review, courses are approved to remain in the Core or require revision to remain in the Core. If both reviewers agree upon approval or revision needed, the Committee moves forward with that decision. If the two reviewers do not agree in their assessment, the Chair also reviews the course as a tie-breaker (or assigns another member to review), as needed. Reviews for all classes will be available to all CCOC members.


Feedback from the course review will be provided to the Chair/ Dean of the unit by the CCOC Chair. If needed changes are minor, submission of revised materials will not be required. More critical changes will require submission of revision. Typically, revision is necessary if it is unclear how the learning objectives are taught and assessed within the class. Revisions will be reviewed by the Chair or the Chair will assign a member to review. If a course is considered for suspension, the entire Committee will review and vote on suspension.



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