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Supports and encourages first-gen and underrepresented students in pursuit of post-graduate doctoral degrees

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University of Colorado Denver Opportunities

EURēCA! Student Assistants and Fellows Programs

The EURēCA! Student Assistants and Fellows Programs provide opportunities for CU Denver undergraduates to get paid to engage in research and creative activities as they explore what it means to be a scholar in their discipline.

EURēCA! Student Assistants is an introductory program that leverages federal-work study dollars and grant funds to provide entry-level salary support to undergraduates new to the research and creative enterprise.

The EURēCA! Summer Fellows Program is a highly competitive summer research program that provides a small number of CU Denver undergraduates with stipend support to conduct original research, creative, or other scholarly activities in collaboration with a CU Denver | Anschutz faculty mentor. These eight-week fellowships last through June and July and include weekly professional development training, cohort meetups, and other learning opportunities.

EURēCA! Website


The MARC U-STAR scholarship program provides support to undergraduate students underrepresented in the behavioral or biomedical sciences who are interested in pursuing graduate training at the Ph.D. level. The MARC U-STAR award provides support to students for a consecutive 24-month period during their final 2 years at CU Denver, including financial support, funded research opportunities, and individualized mentorship and guidance.

Additionally, The U-RISE program provides Freshmen and Sophomores with opportunities and scholarships to learn more about behavioral and biomedical research.


Professional Research Experience Program (PREP)

The Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) is a partnership between the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado Denver. It is our objective to provide research opportunities at NIST and to facilitate collaborations between our faculty and NIST staff. The program places undergraduate and graduate students, as well as post-doctoral researchers, in NIST labs to gain hands-on research experience working with NIST researchers. Student participants receive full tuition reimbursement (at in-state resident levels) and a monthly stipend or hourly wage. The opportunity is also available to international students. 

Applicable majors include all engineering disciplines, chemistry and physics. 

PREP Website

TRIO McNair Scholars Program

McNair Scholars is a federally-funded program that supports and encourages first-generation and underrepresented students in their pursuit of post-graduate doctoral degrees. McNair Scholars are provided with research opportunities, faculty mentoring, seminars, and community support to foster their intellectual, personal, and professional growth.

At CU Denver, the program serves 25 academically-skilled juniors and seniors each year who have strong ambitions to complete their PhD.

TRIO McNair Scholars Website

Career Center Equity Grant

The Equity Grant provides students from underrepresented groups with access to funding for professional development activities, expenses for professional attire, or covering travel expenses to attend a professional interview (just to name a few). Students can access up to $1000 annually for these professional needs and must submit a grant application found on the Career Center’s website. Questions? 

Equity Grant Application

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Travel Awards

Are you a student from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that has been accepted to present your research at a conference? The CLAS Office of Research and Creative Activities wants to help you get there. CLAS students at all levels (undergraduate or graduate) are eligible to apply.

CLAS Student Travel Awards Website

EURēCA! Supplies and Travel Grants

The EURēCA! Supplies and Travel Grant Program is a competitive grant program managed by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities. EURēCA Grants support original student-driven research, creative, and other scholarly activities under the mentorship of a CU Denver | Anschutz faculty mentor. Grants of $500 are administered each October and February to be used on project supplies, conference and workshop registration, and/or travel costs.

EURēCA! Grants Website

Research and Creative Activities Symposium (RaCAS)

Each year over 200 presenters share the research and creative projects they've worked on throughout the academic year. Together with peers, faculty, family, and friends they celebrate the pursuit of knowledge and new ideas.

RaCAS Website

Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)

CUR student events bring together student scholars, providing them with the opportunity to showcase and present their undergraduate research projects.

CUR Student Events Website

CUR Website with Curated List of Paper and Presentation Opportunities

Summer Research Symposium

Throughout the summer, undergraduates engage in research and creative projects across the CU Denver | Anschutz campuses. The Summer Research Symposium is their opportunity to share this work with peers, colleagues, family, and friends.

Looking for our past events? Click here to visit the virtual 2021 Summer Symposium and the virtual 2020 Summer Symposium

Diversity in Academic Research Expo (D.A.R.E.)

CU's only multi-campus hybrid research symposium and professional development conference. Featuring the work of undergraduate researchers from across the CU system, this dynamic event celebrates the achievements of our first-gen and historically underrepresented student scholars. Click Here to View the 2021 Virtual Event.

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University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Colorado Undergraduate Research in Environmental Health Sciences (CUREHS)

Paid year-long research and mentorship opportunity in Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Specifically for Sophomore to Senior level undergraduate science majors from an underrepresented minority population, with disabilities or disadvantaged background

Research opportunities include: biomonitoring of environmental exposures, genetics of environmental lung disease, Immunology, nanomaterial safety, environmental causes of cancer, effects of inhaled pollutants, traumatic brain injury, liver toxicology and effects of ethanol as examples.

Program includes mentoring on careers in environmental health, applying to graduate or professional schools, responsible conduct in research training, research retreat and social activities

CUREHS Website

Health Professions BA/BS-MD Program

The BA/BS-MD degree program at the University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus aims to promote the diversity of medical professionals practicing medicine in Colorado and to better serve the health care needs of the State of Colorado by assembling up to 10 outstanding students each year from broadly diverse backgrounds. Applicants must be Colorado residents and have an interest in serving the health care needs of Colorado as primary care physicians. This program is a partnership between the University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the University of Colorado School of Medicine. 

BA/BS-MD Program Website

Undergraduate Training and Research Achievement in Cancer (U-TRAC) Program

The U-TRAC Program at The University of Colorado Cancer Center on the Anschutz Medical Campus will consist of a 1-year mentored research experience coupled with training in cancer concepts, research principles, and career development in the form of workshops and lectures.

Hop on the U-TRAC to Success! 

U-TRAC Website

Undergraduate Pre-Health Program (UPP)

The program out of the Office for Educational Outreach and Pathway Initiatives at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Participants spend eight to twelve weeks working along side medical professionals and/or conducting research, and participating in workshops related to health disparities and cultural awareness. Participants in UPP also meet monthly throughout the academic year for Saturday Academy sessions on topics ranging from health disparities to professional development and leadership. 

UPP Website

Cancer Research Experience for Undergraduates (CREU)

Every summer 30 college undergraduate students are invited to spend ten weeks conducting mentored research in a cancer research laboratory at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

The goal of the University of Colorado Cancer Center's Cancer Research Experience for Undergraduates (CREU) is to engage scientific curiosity in the next generation of scientists and provide an opportunity for college undergraduates to consider a future career in cancer-related research.

CRUE Website

Child Health Research Internship

The Department of Pediatrics offers summer research opportunities for rising high school seniors, college students and first-year medical students. Students will work in the lab with members of the Department of Pediatrics faculty at Children's Hospital Colorado and the University of Colorado on the Anschutz Medical Campus. 

Child Health Research Internship Website

Colorado Summer Institute in Biostatistics (CoSIBS)

CoSIBS is an interdisciplinary training and research program that introduces undergraduate and early graduate students to the field of biostatistics. Biostatistics is the theory and application of statistics in biological systems and biomedical research. This program exposes students to diverse research in the medical and public health setting using a wide array of applications representative of the field of biostatistics. Students will interact and learn from our excellent faculty across multiple departments and campuses at the University of Colorado. 

CoSIBS Website

Colorado Research Experiences (CORE) Formerly SRTP

CORE at CU Anschutz provides research opportunities for undergraduate students from minoritized groups in science.

CORE is organized by CU Anschutz doctoral and medical students and their respective outreach groups. We provide full-time summer research internships in research labs at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Students receive a stipend and ongoing mentorship to help them build a career in science or medicine.

CORE Tracks:

  • Bioengineering
  • Microbiology & Immunology
  • Neuroscience
  • Physician-Scientist
  • Cancer Biology

CORE Website

Developing Scholars Program in Cell Biology, Stem Cells, and Development (CSD)

The Developing Scholars Program brings undergraduate students to the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus for a rewarding 8-week research internship in the Cell Biology, Stem Cells, and Development Program (CSD). Each scholar works under the direct mentorship of a CSD graduate student on a cutting-edge research project while receiving hands-on training in fundamental techniques in cell and molecular biology.

The Developing Scholars Program is open to motivated undergraduates majoring in life sciences who are interested in pursuing graduate school and/or a research career. Prior research experience is not a requirement to apply. Students belonging to groups traditionally excluded or underserved in academic research, including race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or gender, are highly encouraged to apply.

Developing Scholars Website

Diversity in Cancer Research (DICR)

The DICR Internship Program provides training and educational opportunities to encourage the pursuit of biomedical careers. The DICR program aims to improve diversity and inclusion in the cancer workforce by increasing the number of under-represented minorities (URM) trained as cancer researchers.

For 10 weeks, undergraduate-student interns engage in hands-on laboratory research and are mentored by accomplished investigators in cancer research labs at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

DICR Website

Gates Summer Internship Program (GSIP)

The Gates Summer Internship Program (GSIP) encourages outstanding undergraduates to consider careers in biomedical research and regenerative medicine. State-of-the-art training opportunities are provided in the Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine members' laboratories.

GSIP Website

Graduate Experiences for Multicultural Students (GEMS) 

GEMS introduce undergraduate students from diverse and traditionally under-represented groups to the biomedical research career opportunities offered at the graduate level of a major health sciences center. Students enroll in a ten-week summer research internship course.  The course is conducted by distinguished science faculty and consists of lectures, demonstrations, and laboratory research assignments. Participating in basic science programs at the Anschutz Medical Campus includes biochemistry and molecular genetics, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience, pharmacology, and physiology.

GEMS Website

Leadership Education for Aspiring Doctors (LEAD)

The Leadership Education for Aspiring Doctors​ (LEAD) program is an opportunity for diverse undergraduate (pre-medical) students to gain the tools and skills necessary to lead innovative transformation of the American healthcare system. We are seeking to develop diverse future physician leaders who can transform the quality, safety, efficiency, and patient experience in healthcare. The LEAD program is an intensive, 6-week summer experience for diverse undergraduate students interested in becoming physician leaders and healthcare innovators. 

LEAD Website

Psychiatric Undergraduate Research Program and Learning Experience (PURPLE)

The Psychiatry Undergraduate Research Program and Learning Experience (PURPLE) is an internship opportunity for individuals pursuing an undergraduate degree or who have recently graduated with their Bachelor's degree. PURPLE is designed to introduce young people to the field of  mental health by encouraging participation in supervised research activities. Student interns for this 12-week program are selected on a competitive basis. Ours is the only program at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus that provides: 1) clinical research mentorship, 2) to undergraduate students and 3) with a focus on mental health.

PURPLE Website

RNA Bioscience Initiative (RBI) Summer Internship Program

RBI is a 10-week hands-on, mentored research opportunity for undergraduates who want to gain real-world laboratory experience in RNA biology, chemistry, biochemistry, genomics, and bioinformatics. Undergraduate students with a strong interest in RNA research are encouraged to apply for this program. The program is especially intended for undergrads wishing to gain research experience in advance of applying to graduate school.

RBI Website

Summer Undergraduate Multicultural Mentoring in Translational Science (SUMMiT)

SUMMiT is a collaborative series designed to enhance summer undergraduate research programs by focusing on the unique needs of traditionally underrepresented students in science and research fields. Selected trainees will participate in targeted career development sessions held throughout the summer.

In addition, the CCTSI will provide stipend support for qualifying candidates in many of the programs listed below to encourage and increase diversity across clinical translational disciplines.

SUMMiT Website

Webb-Waring/Colorado Undergraduate Summer Research Program (CUSP)

The Webb-Waring Center has always eagerly embraced education as key part of our mission. The opportunity to recruit, inspire, and train students who are at all levels in their evolving educations and who are aspiring to careers in medicine and biomedical research is one of our most fulfilling, meaningful, and impactful activities. 

The objective is to introduce CUSP interns to highly successful and prospering faculty who are involved in exciting research careers. Most of the CUSP mentors are conducting inflammation and immunologic related research—a unifying feature that helps interns learn not only from their own but also the projects of other interns. 

While most of the CUSP applicants are oriented toward and considering careers in medicine, most have not had any significant experience conducting research and/or are not yet dedicated to pursuing careers in biomedical research.

Webb-Waring Website

List of Biomedical Research Opportunities

The Graduate School has curated a list of summer research opportunities at CU Anschutz.

Click Here to Learn More

 AMC Pre-Doc Mentors

Are you interested in becoming an MD, PhD, or MD PhD student? Become paired up with a CU Anschutz graduate student mentor. Through this program, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Become mentored by an MD, PhD, or MD PhD student
  • Attend workshops on applying to and succeeding in graduate school
  • gain valuable insight for your future career!

AMC Pre-Doc Website

The International Scholar Collaborative Opportunities for Research Exchange (ISCORE)

The ISCORE program is a collaborative mentorship opportunity that introduces undergraduate students interested in pre-health careers to international scholars, working on research projects, at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Through once/week meetings (3 hour/week, 8-week program, conducted at Anschutz Medical Campus), students learn and are mentored about the ins and outs of science and health-related careers, while also helping and mentoring an international scholar to transition living in US and Denver.

View ISCORE Website

Email with questions.

List of Biomedical Research Opportunities

The Graduate School has curated a list of summer research opportunities at CU Anschutz.

Click Here to Learn More

Colorado-Wyoming Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (CO-WY AMP) 

The Colorado-Wyoming Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (CO-WY AMP) mission at the University of Colorado Denver is to increase the number of historically and currently underrepresented African American, Native American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, and Alaska Native students earning bachelor’s and graduate degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). CU Denver is one of the host institutions in Colorado and Wyoming. This program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation; our main administrative office is at Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) 

CUR is an organization of members from around the world. CUR members share a focus on providing high-quality and collaborative undergraduate research, scholarly, and creative activity opportunities for faculty and students. 

List of Biomedical Research Opportunities

The Graduate School has curated a list of summer research opportunities at CU Anschutz.

Click Here to Learn More

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program 

The purpose of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) is to ensure the quality, vitality, and diversity of the scientific and engineering workforce of the United States. GRFP seeks to broaden participation in science and engineering of underrepresented groups, including women, minorities, persons with disabilities, and veterans. The five-year fellowship provides three years of financial support inclusive of an annual stipend of $37,000. 

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) 

NIH sponsors the Division of Cancer Biology Summer Undergraduate Research Program (DCB SURP) . The DCB SURP Program includes a 10-week in-person fellowship, a 2-day research conference at NIH in Bethesda MD, and an introductory course in cancer data science. Everything (stipend, conference travel, and summer housing) is paid for by the NCI. We encourage you to check on the website and apply to this program if you are interested in performing interdisciplinary research in cancer biology. 

Office of Inclusion and Outreach Programs

List of opportunities by the Office of Inclusion and Outreach which include the Undergraduate Pre-Health Program (UPP) and Colorado-Wyoming Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (CO-WY AMP).

Click Here to Learn More

Preparation in Interdisciplinary Knowledge to Excel (PIKE) - Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) 

CU Anschutz Medical Campus PIKE-PREP offers a multi-dimensional mentoring and research training experience to prepare underrepresented post-baccalaureate students to enroll and succeed in a top-tier PhD or MD-PhD program and commit to a career in biomedical research.

  • Year-long mentored research experience
  • Professional and career development
  • Community building
  • Competitive salary and health benefits


Premed RESearch TrainInG Experience (Prestige)

PRESTIGE is a one-year mentored research training program that provides a unique opportunity for recent baccalaureate graduates who are interested in a future medical career combined with biomedical research. The program targets groups traditionally underrepresented (URM) in the biomedical research enterprise. 

Trainees will conduct mentored research on the Anschutz Medical Campus to expand their research skills. They will also participate in professional and career development activities that are designed to support them in being accepted into a top medical school following program completion. The program is run in conjunction with PIKE-PREP.

Prestige Website

School of Medicine Post Baccalaureate Program

​​The program’s goal is to recruit and support students from under-represented groups in medicine, whose academic background made them a higher risk for admission in medical school, and have them complete 24 hours of intense undergraduate and graduate science courses prior to starting medical school. 

Pathway Program Website

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