ACTION REQUIRED: Web Accessibility Compliance

The new Colorado accessibility law, HB21-1110, affects university websites and will go into effect July 1, 2024. This means that university website owners/content managers must ensure your website content meets the minimum web accessibility standards before July 1.

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Content Types

Within Sitefinity, there are two types of content: single-use and reusable.

Single-use content

This content is created and managed on the same page that it is displayed on using the pencil icon widgets.


Single use widgets have a pencil icon. These are good widgets for content that you only intend to appear on this particular page (and will not be reused on other pages of your site). Perfect for features and announcements. Just drag the widget from the right column onto your page and choose Create Content or click Edit on the widget to add content.

Reusable Content

This is content that site builders plan on using on multiple pages or needs to have a consistent structure. It should be created and managed in the “Content” tab area. This content type is usually displayed on a page using the pancake icon widget. 

Reusable widgets (also referred to as content types) have a pancakes icon. These widgets draw from content you've already created, allowing you to easily post the same "reusable" content on multiple pages. Perfect for events, bylines and FAQs. First, go to the Content tab on the dashboard and upload or create content. Then, drag a widget from the right column onto the page and choose Edit to select what content you want to display and how you want it to display.

How to add reusable content to Sitefinity

If you want to upload videos, images or documents:

  1. Go to the dashboard.
  2. Choose Content from the top of the page.
  3. Select your content type.
  4. Upload files from your computer.

If you want to create formatted content that you can reuse on different pages of your website:

  1. Go to the dashboard.
  2. Choose Content from the top of the page.
  3. Select your content type.
  4. Complete the form.
  5. Choose Publish and your content will appear in a list.

How to display content on a page

Once you add content to Sitefinity, you'll need a widget to display your content. Start by creating a page or navigating from Pages to an existing page where you want to display content. You'll see all the widgets in the right column of your screen.

How to edit content on an existing page

Depending on your permission level, you may only be able to make simple edits to pages that have already been built.

If you want to simply change the text or images on a page:

  1. Go to the page you want to work on.
  2. Choose the pencil icon.
  3. Choose a content area and start typing.
  4. Select from the row of icons in the upper left corner to format text, insert links and add images.

Learn more about pages.

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