First-Year Admission Requirements

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​Our students are among the best and brightest - motivated individuals who are driven to pursue their passion. The middle 50% of our admitted freshmen had between a 3.23 and 3.93 GPA and scored between a 1070 and 1260 on the SAT, 21-27 on the ACT. CU Denver students are some of the most academically talented in the state. Learn more about what it will take to join their ranks as a CU Denver student.

Please note: Submitting test scores is optional, and won't negatively impact your application. Review our FAQ for more information.

Not sure if you should apply as a first-year or transfer student? Let's start with this. Have you previously taken college classes? You may have heard the term concurrent enrollment. If your only college coursework was taken concurrently, which means while you were still enrolled in high school before you graduated, you're in the right place. Your application will be evaluated for admission as a first-year student.

General Admission

General admission applies to programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), the School of Public Affairs (SPA), and the College of Arts & Media (CAM), except for music.

Several criteria indicate you're a strong candidate for general admission.

Higher Education Admission Requirements (HEAR)

The state of Colorado Higher Education Admission Requirements (HEAR) apply to students graduating from high school in 2008 or later. The HEAR requirements are specific courses or units that applicants for admission should have completed by the time they graduate from high school. College courses taken while still in high school may be considered toward fulfilling these requirements.

High school course or unit requirements are different depending on graduation year.

Class of 2008 or 2009 

  • Four years of English
  • Three years of mathematics (Algebra I or higher)
  • Three years of social studies (including one year of U.S or World History)
  • Three years of natural science (two of which are lab-based)
  • Two years of academic elective

Class of 2010 or Later

  • Four years of English
  • Four years of mathematics (three of which must be Algebra I or higher)
  • Three years of social studies (including one year of U.S. or World History)
  • Three years of natural science (two of which are lab-based)
  • One year of a single foreign language
  • Two years of academic elective

​Minimum Academic Preparation Standards (MAPS)

The University of Colorado Minimum Academic Preparation Standards (MAPS) apply to students who graduated from high school in 1988 or later. Though completion of most MAPS requirements is expected by high school graduation, units not completed may be made up by taking specific CU Denver courses.

  • Four years of English (at least two years of composition)
  • Three years of mathematics (four years for business and engineering students)
  • Three years of natural science
  • Two years of social science
  • Two years of foreign language (same language)
  • One year of academic elective​

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