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The mission of the Undocumented Student Services Program is to serve DREAMer and mixed status students at all intersections of documentation and equity needs, to support DREAMers in achieving their degree, to create an equitable educational environment, and to advocate alongside students for continuous improvements in the DREAMer college experience.

The University of Colorado Denver remains committed to providing access to all qualified students, including students under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow (ASSET) program. ASSET, DACA, Mixed Family Status, and undocumented students are valuable members of our student body whom we strive to ensure are safe and respected on our campus. We are pleased to provide a variety of services, support, and information for students, faculty, and staff to help undocumented students succeed at CU Denver and CU Anschutz.

Financial assistance is one of the critical supports needed to attract and retain DACA, ASSET Mixed Family Status and undocumented students. Support students at CU Denver by making a gift to the student relief fund.

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Estéfani Peña Figueroa

Coordinator for Undocumented Student Services and Interim Program Director, Latinx Student Services
Pronouns: she/her/ella 
Estéfani Peña Figueroa was born in Guatemala and came to the United States when she was 7 years old. She has been part of the Auraria Campus for 11+ years as an alumna of the Community College of Denver and the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Estéfani is the first-ever Undocumented Student Resource Coordinator at CU Denver. As an Undocumented Latina with the privileges of DACA and first-generation college graduate, she is very passionate about advocating, supporting, and elevating her immigrant community. She is committed to centralizing immigrant students' voices and lived experiences and aims to spread awareness of the resources, services, and programming available for immigrant background students. When Estéfani is not looking for innovative ways to support students or her community, you can find her swimming, dancing, singing, exploring the outdoors, cooking, and taking care of her cats, parakeets, and plantitas.    



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Your personal information is safe. The information you share with us about yourself and about your family is protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This federal law protects applicants and current students from having their personal information shared.​
Limits to financial aid and scholarship eligibility may be the biggest impact of your legal status. State legislation allows us to grant in-state tuition classification to qualified undocumented students in Colorado through the ASSET program. To be considered, Colorado students must submit the statewide COF application and institutional ASSET eligibility form. CU Denver also has a scholarship called the Student Relief Fund which you can apply to each year. To learn more about scholarship opportunities, please contact Undocumented Student Services at CU Denver.​
In our decision process, we base selection on an applicant’s academic and personal readiness for success at CU Denver. Citizenship is not a factor.


Steps for Successful Enrollment

If you are a prospective student and would like to visit the CU Denver campus to meet with an Admissions Counselor and Undocumented Student Services, please call or e-mail us at 303-315-1883 or USS@ucdenver.edu.

We are happy to assist you in your transition. The CU Denver application has a few options under the “Your Citizenship” question. DREAMers have the option of choosing the “Refugee/Asylum-Seeker/Other.” DREAMer students will fall under “other” portion of that option.

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