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Studied... Biology

Became... Medical Researcher

  • First in Her Family to Go to College
  • Transfer Student
  • Medical Researcher
  • CU Denver Student (BS ’24)
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I want to transform the STEM and medical fields into inclusive, accessible environments.

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Zenetta's Moment

Sometimes, having the right support system is all you need. For Zenetta Z., she found that at CU Denver. As a transfer student, she quickly built a network of professors, advisors, friends, and co-workers who helped her feel comfortable—and then helped her plot her course. Now, working in a laboratory, she’s ready for her next step to become a medical researcher. 

Community Focus

Raised in Denver, Zenetta remains close to the family and community members who helped raise her and continue to guide her. “I’m Indigenous and I’m Vietnamese, but several communities raised me to be who I am today,” Zenetta said. At CU Denver, she grew that community. “These were opportunities because people saw me for who I was, when I didn't see it in myself.”   


Zenetta sitting with another student
Zenetta doing research in a lab with professor

Financial Support

Because of programs like CU Denver’s EURēCA! Summer Fellows Program, Zenetta could earn money for doing academic research. For her, that meant letting go of another job so that she could focus more on her studies and less on paying bills. “I was working 40 hours overnight at a hospital, and it was rough.” Zenetta said. “But EURēCA! gave me a chance to quit that job so I could be more stable financially.”  

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