Meet Bria

Studied... Biology

Becoming... OB-GYN

  • Student Government Association President
  • Pre-health
  • CU Denver Student (BS ’24)
Bria outside on campus smiling at camera resting hands on handrail
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I’ve known that I wanted to be a doctor since I was 5. And CU Denver is helping me meet my moment.

Bria at commencement smiling in regalia

Bria's Moment

Inspired by the doctors on TV shows she’d watch with her mom as a kid, Bria C. was determined to be a doctor. And CU Denver is helping her make that dream a reality. As a biology major, she’s taking classes on topics ranging from cells to societal norms in medicine to set her up for her next step: medical school. And when she’s not in the classroom, Bria is busy on campus as the Student Government Association president, which lets her impact her community every day.  

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