Meet Will

Studied... Public Health & Ethnic Studies

Became... Medical Doctor

  • First-Generation Student
  • First-Generation American
  • Emergency Medicine Doctor
  • Health Equity Advocate
  • CU Denver Graduate (BS & BA ’16; MPH ’18)
  • University of Colorado School of Medicine Graduate (MD ’22)
Will Mundo standing in front of hospital
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CU Denver’s pre-health curriculum prepared me to become a doctor.


Will's Moment

As a kid, Will M. watched his father work as a healer in their community, as people regularly came to his dad’s trailer for help. Will thought of his dad as a “doctor”—until he learned that this father had never attended medical school or college. But that connection to healing sparked an interest that helped propel Will to CU Denver, where, in a classroom, he listened to a professor talk about health equity and social justice and something coalesced. He wasn’t facing an either/or career decision. He realized that he could be a doctor and create change in his community. 

My journey exemplifies the power of embracing your roots, while aiming for your future. Now it’s your turn: Meet your moment at CU Denver.

Easy to Apply

Applying for college can seem like a full-time job, but Will appreciated that CU Denver offered a different experience. “CU Denver made it really easy to submit an application,” Will said. “Most importantly, it really streamlined the financial aid process for me. I grew up in a very underserved community and money was always an issue, so I was very limited to how I could apply to colleges. And, thankfully, CU Denver made it easy to apply for their fee assistance program.”  

Will Mundo standing outside of Denver Health ER in scrubs

From Student to Doctor 

The high-quality, pre-health track at CU Denver set a course for Will to apply to medical school at CU Anschutz, which is part of the University Colorado System, along with CU Denver. “From excellent professors to academic guidance, I had valuable support at every point to help me earn a degree,” Will said.  

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