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One-on-One Writing Sessions with Professional Writing Consultants 

The Writing Center offers individual sessions with trained professional writing consultants at no cost to you. Sessions are typically one hour in length and can be conducted either in-person or online. You can learn more about sessions and schedule an appointment on the Writing Center’s website. If you decide to schedule a session, you are encouraged to use the “Specialization” dropdown menu to select consultants who specialize in graduate-level writing. 

Graduate Drop Boxes 

The Writing Center offers asynchronous online feedback (without ever having to meet with a professional writing consultant). If you are looking for written feedback about your writing—to make your abstract more concise, to check for organization in your third chapter, or even just to assist with sentence-level issues such as verb tense and comma splices—you may be interested in submitting your work to the Graduate Drop Box for review. If you use this service, you can expect to receive feedback within 48 hours. 

If you want to talk to someone after reviewing feedback on an assignment, the Graduate Drop Box Live service might be a great fit. This service provides both asynchronous feedback and the chance to discuss your work with a professional writing consultant. 

Graduate Writing Groups 

The Writing Center facilitates Graduate Writing Groups (GWG) on an as-needed basis depending on student interest and availability. GWG are organized in six-week blocks with small groups of graduate students. The time commitment required to participate (not including writing) is about two hours per week. During the six-week period, students complete daily check-ins via Google Forms regarding their writing completed that day. Students also attend a series of weekly meetings that include: 

  • Group meetings on Zoom to develop and encourage community, accountability, and productivity 
  • Content presentations on Zoom focused on writing concepts, strategies, and student concerns 
  • Community forums with weekly deadlines and deliverables via Canvas 

Additional Resources 

The Writing Center provides handouts, guides, and video tutorials on its Resources page, which you can access at any time.

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