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5/20/2022CU-SIS class scheduling access closes for the Basic Data tab (Summer 2022)
5/21/2022NSC enrollment file submitted (Spring 2022)
5/23/2022Grade Lapse – Incomplete grades from 1 year prior (Spring 2021) will be converted to F grades
5/23/2022Grade Forgiveness GPA calculations will be processed (Spring 2022)
5/24/2022Registrar’s Office runs processes for Academic Standing (Spring 2022)
6/6/2022Summer term begins
6/10/2022Summer waitlists purged
6/14/2022Summer census
6/14/2022CU-SIS class scheduling access closes for the Enrollment Control tab and Combined Tables (Summer 2022)
6/15/2022NSC enrollment file submitted (Summer 2022)
6/21/2022Student discontinuation: 1st Term non-enrollment (tentative)
6/25/2022NSC graduate file submitted (Spring 2022)
6/26/2022NSC degree file submitted (Spring 2022)
7/15/2022NSC enrollment file submitted (Summer 2022)
7/24/2022CU-SIS class scheduling access closes for the Meetings tab (Summer 2022)
7/30/2022Summer 2022 term ends
7/30/2022CU-SIS class scheduling access closed (Summer 2022)

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