Off-campus Housing

Get to know your off-campus options with our housing and roommate database, learn about your rights as a renter, and discover the best techniques for finding the right roommate. Whatever your needs, we're here to help you find the perfect living conditions to support your studies at CU Denver.

Renters Rights

Know Your Rights

Not “knowing” your leasing terms will not excuse you from violating your leasing terms. Non-compliance with terms of your lease can lead to eviction. Each apartment home/complex may have unique leasing terms and understanding these terms can ensure compliance with the lease.

When a landlord can enter your apartment:

  • In an emergency
  • When you have moved out or have abandoned the apartment
  • To make necessary/agreed upon repairs or other improvements
  • To show the apartment to prospective residents, purchasers, or lenders
  • To provide entry to contractors
  • To conduct an initial inspection before the end of the tenancy as allowed by law
  • If a court permits it

The landlord must give you reasonable advance notice before entering your apartment unless notice is not required by your lease under certain circumstances.

Roommate Resources

Find a Roommate

Please use the Off-Campus Housing & Roommate Database​ to post your roommate profile and search other CU Denver student profiles. The database is only accessible to CU Denver students. You will be required to login using your CU Denver student information.

For any additional questions or concerns please feel free to email Please note the Office of Commuter Services does not endorse any particular roommate and encourages students to read the below resources prior to selecting a roommate.

Discussions to Have Before Moving In Together

There are several discussions that may be helpful for potential roommates to have before committing to living together. Having these discussions may help cut down on miscommunications and stress after move-in.​ Before looking for a roommate you should consider the pros, cons, and your needs (this is different than wants).

Only CU Denver students who do not live at City Heights or Lynx Crossing are eligible to purchase Commuter Meal Plans.

Plans may be used at any Lynx Dining location. Multiple plans may be purchased throughout the semester.

Commuter plans will be available for purchase beginning August 7th, 2023.

Meal PlanMeal SwipesFlex CashCost
Miles10 Meal Swipes$175 Flex Cash$175
Rocky15 Meal Swipes$295 Flex Cash$295
Bernie25 Meal Swipes$450 Flex Cash$450
Terms of Service:
  • Any unused meals or Flex Cash from Commuter Meal Plans are forfeited the day after the spring semester ends.
  • There are no refunds for Commuter or Faculty/Staff meal plan purchases after 7 days of purchase.
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