Ethics and Compliance

Michelle MarksHonesty and integrity are critical to all we do at the University of Colorado Denver.

As Colorado’s public urban research university, we are committed to an ethical foundation for all our research, creative work, teaching and service. Our sense of shared responsibility and our culture of trust ensure our efforts serve the greater good.

Our impact – on individuals and on our community – is profound. Our research on important urban issues helps civic and business leaders make informed decisions on topics that influence quality of life in our region and beyond.

Maintaining the highest standards of ethics – and dedicating ourselves to a culture of compliance – is vital to our success. This requires all of us to follow the policies, standards, laws and regulations that apply to our activities as well as to report concerns and work together to resolve them.

Thank you for making the University of Colorado Denver a model of ethical behavior today, and every day.

-Michelle Marks, PhD, CU Denver Chancellor

Program Descriptions

The University has adopted an institutional Ethics and Compliance Program that is intended to support a culture of ethics and compliance within the University community. An effective compliance program promotes the achievement of university goals and helps avoid the program disruption and financial loss that can accompany compliance failures. Faculty, staff, and students who work on behalf of The University of Colorado Denver are responsible for conducting themselves within the law and in keeping with the ethical standards of the university and the State of Colorado. This website is intended to assist university employees and students in the performance of that responsibility by providing information about compliance-related resources and materials.

The Office of Regulatory Compliance contains information on current university policies, links to related laws and regulations, and contact information for responsible parties.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is representative of the University’s core values and expectations for conduct. As employees, students and faculty, it is important for us to comply with the Code of Conduct and to report violations of the code. Witnessed or suspected violations of the code may be reported anonymously using the CU EthicsLine​ website or by calling 800-677-5590.

Ethics and Reporting

The University of Colorado is committed to conducting its affairs ethically and in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations as well as university policy. Each member of the faculty and staff is expected to share in this responsibility. The University of Colorado is also committed to preventing, detecting, and correcting violations of applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

For additional information and to confidentially submit a report, please visit the CU EthicsLine. For other concerns or complaints, please refer to Student Complaints/Appeals or Faculty/Staff Concerns & Reporting. TheEthics and Compliance Program may be reached at​ or 303-724-1010.

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