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DIY: Compliment Jar

I hope you all enjoyed your Winter break, and you had a great start to the New Year. With the New Year, some of us may have committed to a new year’s resolution. A resolution for the New Year can vary from self-love to never losing your motivation throughout the school year. I recently came across a DIY compliment jar. The compliment jar is filled with various compliments that can be pulled from the jar at any time. The compliment jar is great if you even need a pick-me-up. A compliment jar is convenient to have on your desk or somewhere in your room. A compliment jar can be made for yourself, a friend, family member, or coworker.


Paper (can be white or colored printing paper, or notebook paper)
Image of paper
A Mason Jar With a Lid
Image of mason jars on a shelf
An image of a pair of scissors
Markers or Pen
An image of a cup full of markers
Ribbon, Stickers, Anything to Decorate the Jar
An image of a collage of stickers


  1. Write out at least 20 compliments you would like to read about yourself. You can always write out more than 20 compliments. *20 compliments can be 20 motivational quotes. You can visit Brainy Quotes to find a large list of quotes.
  2. Cut out the compliments and fold them.
  3. Decorate the Mason jar by adding a ribbon or any decorations to the jar.
  4. Once you are done decorating the jar to your liking, add the folded-up compliments into the jar.
  5. Place jar where you think is best.

*If you do not want to write out the compliments, you can type them and print them.

Carol Combs | TRIO SSS Peer Mentor

When Noodles in Beijing led to Student Success

This describes the power of experiential learning. Experiential learning is the type of education that occurs when students actively participate and interact with their surroundings.

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