I hope you all enjoyed your Winter break, and you had a great start to the New Year. With the New Year, some of us may have committed to a new year’s resolution. A resolution for the New Year can vary from self-love to never losing your motivation throughout the school year. I recently came across a DIY compliment jar. The compliment jar is filled with various compliments that can be pulled from the jar at any time. The compliment jar is great if you even need a pick-me-up. A compliment jar is convenient to have on your desk or somewhere in your room. A compliment jar can be made for yourself, a friend, family member, or coworker.


Paper (can be white or colored printing paper, or notebook paper)
Image of paper
A Mason Jar With a Lid
Image of mason jars on a shelf
An image of a pair of scissors
Markers or Pen
An image of a cup full of markers
Ribbon, Stickers, Anything to Decorate the Jar
An image of a collage of stickers


  1. Write out at least 20 compliments you would like to read about yourself. You can always write out more than 20 compliments. *20 compliments can be 20 motivational quotes. You can visit Brainy Quotes to find a large list of quotes.
  2. Cut out the compliments and fold them.
  3. Decorate the Mason jar by adding a ribbon or any decorations to the jar.
  4. Once you are done decorating the jar to your liking, add the folded-up compliments into the jar.
  5. Place jar where you think is best.

*If you do not want to write out the compliments, you can type them and print them.

Carol Combs | TRIO SSS Peer Mentor

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