If you're eligible to take a course but it's closed or full, you may request to be placed on a waitlist in your UCDAccess student portal, if the department has determined that a waitlist will be offered. Placing your name on a waitlist does not guarantee that you will be enrolled in that course. However, waitlists have proven to be a very effective tool for students who'd like to try to register for classes that have closed.

Waitlist Details

You can wait-list yourself for a class while you're already enrolled in a different section of that same class. But, the system recognizes that you're already enrolled in the class, and because of that you will only advance as far as first position in the waitlist. Unless you drop the other section of the class, you will never get enrolled. To get around that, register for your second choice section and then use the “drop ___ class if enrolled” function when adding yourself to the waitlist for your first choice section. By indicating what class you want dropped if your first choice becomes available, the system will take care of it for you automatically. The exception to this is Special Topics courses.‚Äč

Monitor your status on the waitlist by frequently logging in to UCDAccess. Once a space becomes available you will be enrolled in the course. You will be responsible for the tuition if you are enrolled from the waitlist, even if you do not attend. If you decide not to take the course, it is your responsibility to drop it according to the published deadlines in the Academic Calendar.

Waitlist Positions and Enrollment

When someone drops a closed course, the student who is next on the waitlist is automatically enrolled. Schools and colleges reserve the right to make exceptions to manage their waitlists based on unique needs and circumstances. Please check your class schedule on UCDAcess to see if you have been enrolled in the course(s), and refer to the academic calendar for information about wait list deadlines.

CU Online Wait-Listed Courses

If you are wait listed for an online course, you will have limited access to that course the first week of class. After the first week of class, if you have not been automatically absorbed into the class, you will be dropped. If you want to be added to a closed course, you must obtain permission from the instructor. Contact CU Online for assistance in contacting the instructor.

Dropping Wait-Listed Courses

If you choose not to remain on a waitlist or if you end up enrolled in a course that you no longer want, drop the course as soon as possible.

Financial Information for Wait-Listed Courses

Wait-listed classes will appear on your billing statement, even though tuition is not due until Census of each semester. Waitlists are purged prior to Census. If you're still on the waitlist for a course when the waitlists are purged, you'll receive a tuition adjustment.