Strategic Priority: Financial Sustainability

Achieve long-term financial stability and sustainability.

Strategic Priorities graphic for financial stability


Jennifer Sobanet, MBA, CFO and Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance and Todd Haggerty, Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget


  • Grow “other revenue” (non-state and non-resident UG tuition revenue) from $176.03M in 2017 to $216.4M in 2023
  • Increase online enrollment (unduplicated headcount) from 8,772 in 2017 to 17,636 in 2023
  • Increase gift revenue from $19.5M in FY2016-17 to $25M in 2022-23

Action steps

  • Implement an incentive-based budget model to align investments and resources with our strategic priorities by incentivizing the types of activities that drive both student and financial success
  • Participate in Essential CU Campaign with a focus on scholarship funds, endowed chairs, and enhanced facilities
  • Actualize the Facilities Master Plan 



  • Created a planning and budgeting forum for schools, colleges, and central support units to discuss strategies and work together to achieve our priorities in the new incentive-based budget model
  • Increased transparency through the new budget model so that everyone understands how the budget works and their role in ensuring financial sustainability
  • Raised $20.8M (FY 2017-2018) in private gifts, including a highly successful scholarship campaign where faculty and staff contributed over $1M for scholarships
  • Hosted our first CU in the City celebration to honor our benefactors
  • Prioritized Facilities Master Plan projects and began the following projects:
    • Business School infill
    • Large connect renovation
    • First-year student housing and dining
    • Conceptual plan for engineering building