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Parking Changes Effective Aug. 3, 2020 

The university paused all payroll deductions for active parking permit holders March 16, 2020. Effective Aug. 3, the CU Denver parking program reinstated payroll deductions and began accepting applications for new permit holders.

Changes to how permits are offered and issued are as follows:

Lawrence Street Center (LSC) 

Parking operations in the LSC garage remains the same. Existing permit holders who want to keep their reserved space and parking arrangement do not need to do anything.  

We will accept applications for new reserved permits as spaces become available. Those wishing to cancel parking may do so online via the Facilities’ parking website. NOTE: Those who cancel are not guaranteed a space if and when they do return to campus. 

Business School (BUS) 

Parking in the BUS garage is currently an open parking arrangement, allowing permit holders to park first-come, first-serve in any open space. We will continue to operate in this manner in order to accommodate more drivers and varying work schedules, in conjunction with similar changes at the CU Denver Building. 

CU Denver Building (CU) 

Reserved parking at CU will no longer be an option. Similar to BUS, we are moving to an open parking system to accommodate more drivers and varying work schedules. Hotel Teatro continues to hold 40, 24/7 reserved spaces in the lower level, which are not available for university parking. 

For employees on campus two days per week or less, we offer a part-time open parking rate. To cancel, make changes to your existing permit, or to sign up for new parking, please use the form on the Facilities’ parking website

The current rate structure for open parking is as follows: 

  • BUS/CU full-time open parking – $133/month 
  • BUS/CU part-time open parking – $85/month 

AHEC provides affordable daily parking in lots and garages on the Auraria Campus. For AHEC parking options please visit the AHEC Parking & Transportation Services website, email, or call 303-556-2003.

As a reminder, parking operations on campus are an auxiliary enterprise and required to be fully self-funded through the established employee permit parking program. The fiscal strategy in this auxiliary is not one of profit, but rather to sufficiently cover debt service and maintain safe and reliable parking for the campus through ongoing upkeep and maintenance of parking lots.

Please direct other parking related questions or concerns to Facilities Dispatch by emailing or calling 303-315-7777.

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