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Thank you to all of our faculty and staff who have continued to deliver the high quality work that makes CU Denver exceptional. While the world around us has changed dramatically, your commitment to your colleagues, to students, and to the community remains unparalleled.

Through careful planning, we have enabled a limited return to campus consistent with guidelines from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Department of Higher Education. We have put in place comprehensive safety protocols for on-campus operations, particularly for the nearly 700 classes that have components of on-campus instruction. Schools/colleges, student services and resource units, and central administrative units will operate according to approved Unit Safe Return Plans that minimize the spread of COVID-19 while allowing the unit to appropriately serve its constituencies.

For All Employees

Many of our faculty and staff will continue to work remotely for the time being. If you are planning to return to campus, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure your CU Denver ID is current. If you need an ID, call AHEC at 303-556-8352 to make an appointment.
  • Complete the required COVID-19 SkillSoft training, “COVID-19 Return to Campus - CU Denver”. You can access this course through your CU Denver Portal, in Campus Resources. Click on the SkillSoft tile and search for the course.
  • If you are listed on your unit’s Safe Return Plan, you are preapproved to return to campus. You can also ask your supervisor, dean, or unit Safe Return Coordinator to place you on a list of people approved to enter your building.
  • Follow these directions once you get to campus.

For information including employee resources, websites, and forms, visit Human Resources and scroll to COVID-19 Resources. For employees with concerns about returning to campus due to underlying medical conditions that either they have, or someone in their household has, fill out a workplace adjustment form.

Remember, if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, are experiencing symptoms, or have been recently exposed to someone with COVID-19, please stay home. Find more information on the university’s COVID-19 website.

Parking Updates and Changes

We are striving to make our parking garages more accessible to employees who need to be on campus, while also being considerate of cost and availability for employees only working part-time on campus. Find information on active, new, or cancelling parking permits, parking garage options and rates, and daily parking on Auraria campus.

Guide for Teaching

The Teaching and Learning Implementation Team created a guide for faculty that centralizes information and resources. The guide offers learning resources, information for returning to campus, technology support, compliance and safety protocols, information to share with students, and more.

Research And Creative Activities (RCA) Returning to Campus or Field/Off-Campus

Limited research and creative activities are authorized to be on campus or in the field/off-campus following approval from the campus RCA Return Committee.

If you require access to space or equipment on campus or need to apply to conduct travel related to critical university research and creative activities, contact your school or college RCA Return Coordinator, complete the appropriate application, and follow the guidelines provided.

School/College RCA Return Coordinators

Basic Lab Access and Studio Shared Spaces

  • Complete an online RCA application form
  • Be available to respond to questions from your School/College RCA Return Committee
  • Complete a more detailed safety plan if invited by your School/College RCA Return Committee
  • If approved, meet with your facilities personnel and your School/College RCA Return Coordinator prior to returning to go over necessary space improvements, daily check-in and building access procedures
  • Follow all current safety protocols

Field/Off-Campus Research and Travel

University-related international and domestic travel is currently suspended. To conduct field and off-campus work supporting critical research and creative activities under university coverage, you must complete the following application and appropriate approvals before any travel begins.

Before completing the application, review details on application and approval processes, administrative requirements, and safety protocols.

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