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Dr. Yiming "Jerry" Deng

Research Interests

Some of my current research interests:

  • Imaging and Sensing for Structural Health Monitoring (Smart Structures, Smart Sensing) and Nondestructive Evaluation
  • Hybrid Electromagnetic Imaging Sensors (e.g. Thermo-acoustic imaging, Magneto-optic imaging)
  • Prognostics and Health Management
  • Numerical Modeling and Simulation for NDE/SHM and Medical Applications
  • Fast Image Reconstruction and Inverse Problems

    Research/Visiting professor

    Dr. Xin Liu, (Ph.D. 2008), Research Assistant Professor, 2010-2012 (now a petro-physicist and petroleum engineer)

    Prof. Jawad Shah, Visiting Professor, 2014-present, Compressed Sensing


    Prof. Haoquan Wang, Visiting Professor, 2013-present, NDE sensing systems

    Postdoctoral fellow

    Dr. River H. Huang, (Ph.D. 2011), Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012-2013 (now with the University of Texas, School of Medicine)

    Dr. Joshua Black (Ph.D. 2013), Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014-present

     PHD and MS students

    [Currently, LEAP has 1 Postdoctoral Fellow, 2 EE Ph.D. students, 9 M.S. students and 1 undergraduate research assistant as of Spring 2014. LEAP also hosts 2 visiting professors in the areas of NDE and sensing/imaging]

    Salem Edgaire, Ph.D. student (EE), 2013-

    research topic at LEAP: neural networks, pattern recognition

    (M.S. CU-Denver, 2012)

    Mia Chen, Ph.D. student (EE), 2012-

    research topic at LEAP: electromagnetic imaging; numerical methods

    (B.S. Tianjin Polytech, 2010; M.S. CU-Denver, 2012)


    Arati Gurung, Ph.D. student (BioE, co-advisor), 2010-

    research topic at LEAP: compressive sensing for imaging; signal processing

    (M. S. Johns Hopkins, 2010)


    Jarvis Hill, M.S. student, 2011-

    research topic at LEAP: microwave imaging and instrumentation

    (B.S. Colorado State Univ., 2010)


    Ryan Jacobs, M.S. student (co-advisor), 2012-

    research topic at LEAP: thermoacoustic tomography imaging

    (B.S. CU-Denver, 2012)


     Ishtiaq Bercha, M.S. student, 2012-

    research topic at LEAP: medical imaging and image processing

    (Ish is a board certified medical physicist at Colorado Children's Hospital)


     Cheng Peng, M.S. student, 2013-

    research topic at LEAP: pipeline defects diagnosis and sensing development

    (B.S. Zhejiang University, 2013)


     Deepak Kumar, M.S. student, 2014-


     Absusamea Elfaid, M.S. student, 2014-


     Mohand Alzuhiri, M.S. student, 2014-


     Ziqian Zhang, M.S. student, 2013-


     Xiaodong Shi, M.S. student, 2014-

    research topic at LEAP: thermoacoustic tomography imaging

    (B.S. Harbin Institute of Technology, 2013)


    Siva Gopal, M.S. student, 2010-2013

    research topic at LEAP: GPU based FDTD for EM imaging

    (B.S. University of Minnesota)


     Linh Vu, M.S. student, 2011-2014

    research topic at LIIP: microwave imaging systems and data analysis

    (B.S. CU-Denver, 2012)


     Sumeet Jamatia, M.S. student, 2011-2013

    research topic at LIIP: microwave imaging systems and data analysis

    (B.S., 2010)


    Undergraduate Students

    Samir Hashem, Senior, currently supported by LEAP

    Tinh Vo, Senior, 2009-2013

    Mieraf Shiferaw, Senior, 2009-2013

    Andrew Nguyen, Senior, 2009-2013

    Anthony Nguyen, Senior, 2009-2013

    Binh Bui, Senior, 2009-2013

    Other students I served as Committee

    Kiran Dyamenahalli, Ph.D. Student (BioE, committee member)

    Tanya Evans, Ph.D. Student (BioE, committee member)

    Dianabasi Etuk, Ph.D. Student (BioE, committee member)


    Arati Gurung, Ph.D. (defended in July 2014)

    Shawn Heurtevant, M.S. (defended in May 2013)

    Nisarg Desai, M.S. (defended in July 2012)

    Xiaoye Chen, M.S. (defended in July 2012)

    Vishesh Suxena, M.S. (defended in April 2012)

    Salem Edgaire, M.S. (defended in April 2012)

    Abdelrahman Alsonosa, M.S. (defended in April 2011)

    Ranjit Pesala, M.S. (defended in June 2011)

    Sushant Poojari, M.S. (defended in July 2011)


    Prof. M. Golkowski (CU-Denver); R. Liu, Ph.D. (CU-Denver); Prof. P. Wang, Ph.D. (WSU); Prof. P. J. Liu, Ph.D. (Carleton, CAN); Prof. L. Udpa, Ph.D. (MSU); Prof. L. Hardesty, M.D. (CU-AMC); Prof. K. L. Berger, M.D. (MSU); Prof. L. J. Chen, Ph.D. (Louisville); Prof. G. Fullerton, Ph.D. (CU-AMC); Prof. Y. Chen, Ph.D. (UESTC, China); Prof. T. Chen, Ph.D. (SJTU, China); Prof. L. Wang, Ph.D. (NUC, China); Prof. Y. Liu, Ph.D. (Arizona State), X. Jin, Ph.D. (SSI inc.), Prof. Prem Chahal, Ph.D. (Michigan State), Prof. Yang Zhao, Ph.D. (NJNU)

    Research Description

    Over the past years, Dr. Deng has carried out extensive research in the areas of sensor systems, imaging physics, signal/image processing, biomedical imaging, electromagnetic imaging, applied electromagnetics, mathematical/physical modeling and simulation, pattern recognition and inverse problems. He has been doing interdisciplinary research on both forward and inverse problems for Medicine and Engineering applications, and has been collaborating with professors, medical doctors, researchers, clinical staff, and graduate students from universities and research institutes (Medical Physics, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Radiology and Psychology, etc.), and also from government and private industries.

    Dr. Deng's current research interests include (a) Smart Sensing and Smart Structures, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM); (b) Hybrid or Multi-wave Imaging modality for NDE and Medical Applications; (c) Novel imaging systems and sensors development for defects detection, delineation and quantitative analysis, (d) Image Analysis such as multi-modal image fusion, image and signal processing that involves linear applications, i.e. image enhancement, reconstruction and noise reduction; as well as the non-linear applications such as image segmentation and registration.

    Dr. Deng's Ph.D. thesis was focusing on the non-invasive imaging, e.g. biomedical, electromagnetic applications: Positron Emission Tomography (PET) system simulation; human respiratory motion estimation and correction; and biomedical image/signal processing as well as innovative magneto imaging methods. Besides those major interests, he is also interested in other medical imaging modalities, i.e. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and MRI (a.k.a NMR), X Ray Computed Tomography (CT, a.k.a CAT previously), Ultrasound Imaging (US) and related physics/engineering applications. In the applied electromagnetics and EM imaging fields, Dr. Deng was actively involved in the development of 3-D computational models for both forward and inverse problems in electromagnetic sensors design and systems optimization at the NDE Lab (one of the top NDE groups in the country).

    In the applied electromagnetic field, His major original contributions to forward problems are as follows: (a) developed and improved three-dimensional electromagnetic computational models using both conventional finite element methods (FEM) and the innovative element-free method (a.k.a. meshless method), which implicitly incorporates high-order basis functions and gives more accurate results; (b) imaging system development and hardware implementation for data acquisition using various methods including eddy current, giant magneto-resistive, magneto-optic and ultrasound. His major original contributions to electromagnetic inverse problems are as follows: automated electromagnetic (conventional eddy current, magneto-optic, and giant magneto-resistive) data interpretation and analysis to classify defective/defect-free signals and prediction of defect size and location (defect reconstruction).

    In biomedical forward and inverse problems, He was focusing on developing statistical biomedical system models, multimodality image fusion, emission tomography image reconstruction, quality enhancement by reducing motion artifacts.

    Dr. Deng is the co-recipient of the Federal Aviation Administration Better Way Award in 2005. Dr. Deng is a full member of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society and a senior member of IEEE. He serves as referees of several scientific journals and international conferences.

    Invited Research talks

    Johns Manville (October 2013)

    University of Colorado-Boulder (Feb 2013)

    UESTC, China (May 2012)

    North University of China (September 2011)

    University of Michigan Health Systems (May 2009)

    Washington University in St Louis (April 2009)

    University of Colorado at Denver and Health Science Center (April 2009)

    University of Louisville (April 2009)

    University of Wisconsin (March 2009)

    University of Illinois at Chicago (July 2008)

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