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Dr. Yiming "Jerry" Deng

  • LEAP received a multi-year grant from McJ25 for advanced sensing research for wearable devices. (updated: 3/15/2015)
  • PhD student, Mr. Salem Egdaire won the ASNT Research Symposium Travel Grant! Congratulations, Salem! (updated: 2/9/2015)
  • LEAP attended the PRCI research meeting in Houston, TX. (updated: 2/1/2015)
  • LEAP is awarded a multi-year research grant by DOT/PHMSA on modeling and sensing of PE and PA piping materials. (updated: 10/1/2014)
  • NJH research grant is awarded and will support PhD student, Ms. Xiaoye Chen for her research in medical image analysis using GPGPU. (updated: 9/1/2014)
  • LEAP presented its research in the DOT/PHMSA R&D Forum in Chicago, IL! (updated: 8/10/2014)
  • LEAP's research was featured in the USDOT Magazine: Pipeline 360. Great Job, LEAP-CAAP team! (updated: 7/1/2014)
  • PhD student, Ms. Xiaoye Chen won the ASNT Research Symposium Travel Grant. Fifteen students nationwide are supported every year and she will present her research findings supported by US DOT in March 2014. Congratulations, Xiaoye! (updated: 3/9/2014)
  • Dr. Joshua Black joined LEAP as a postdoctoral research fellow in Feb. 2014. Welcome, Josh! (updated: 3/9/2014)
  • PhD student, Mr. Salem Egdaire joined LEAP as a PhD student in Spring 2014. Welcome, Salem! (updated: 3/9/2014)
  • Prof. Deng has published the article about Laser based MO imaging collaborated with Prof. Cheng and several PhD students on IEEE Trans. Instruments and Measurement. (updated: 11/5/2012)
  • Prof. Deng has won a CU Denver-sponsored Pilot Research Mentorship Program Grant. The research is to develop a near-field microwave imaging technique using open-ended waveguide probes that offers micron to sub-mm spatial resolution and provides non-contact, one-sided and near real-time measurement capabilities at the same time. (updated:10/26/2012)
  • Prof. Deng gave an invited talk on "EC techniques in NDE" at the WFNDEC on July 14. He is honored and enjoyed the meetings with big names and colleagues (he is always admiring) in this field. (updated:7/15/2012)
  • Prof. Deng attended the IEEE Reliability Society Chair Congress (6/16-6/17) and served as session Chair and PHM NDE Panel Moderator/Panelist in the following IEEE PHM Conference held in Broomfield this year. (updated: 6/22/12)
  • Ms. Mia Chen has been admitted as a Ph.D. student and will join LEAP this Fall 2012. (updated: 6/12/2012)
  • Prof. Deng is awarded the seed grant from CU-Denver for developing innovative models for breast cancer imaging. (updated: 6/10/2012)
  • Prof. Deng visited the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China last May, worked on a project supported by the NSFC with Prof. Cheng at UESTC. Their first collaborative journal article: "Enhanced Laser based MOI systems for NDE and SHM applications" has been submitted to IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. (updated: 6/1/2012)
  • Graduate student, Mr. Jarvis Hill is going to IIT-Madras for a summer research intern with the support from NSF for a project entitled "Microwave imaging and modeling using GPUs". (updated: 5/31/2012)
  • Graduate student, Ms. Mia Chen and postdoctoral fellow, Dr. River Huang attended the International Magnetics Conference, INTERMAG 2012, which was held in Vancouver from 5/7 to 5/11. Both of them presented their recent work. Mia was awarded the IEEE Travel Grant ($1000) from the Magnetic Society. Congratulations! (updated: 5/15/2012)
  • Dr. River H. Huang (Ph.D., 2011) is joining LIIP as a Postdoctoral Fellow, starting 1/1/2012. (updated: 11/22/11)
  • Graduate student, Mr. Ehab Etellisi's journal paper, "Oil spill detection: system modeling and advanced image processing using optimized SDC algorithm", co-author: Prof. Deng, has been accepted with revision, to be published on Journal of Signal, Image and Video Processing, Springer. 2nd round revision (updated: 11/15/11)
  • Prof Deng's paper, "MOI Imaging for aircraft skin inspection: a POD study of simulated and experimental image data", co-author: Prof. Liu and Prof. Udpa, has been invited to be published on IEEE Transactions on Reliability. (updated: 11/8/2011)
  • Prof. Deng's paper, "Innovative biomagnetic sensors for breast cancer: a model based study", co-author: Prof. Golkowski, has been accepted to be published on Journal of Applied Physics. (updated: 10/30/11)
  • Prof. Deng's paper, "Electromagnetic Imaging Sensors for NDE Applications", co-author: Prof. Liu, has been accepted to be published on Sensors. under revision (updated: 10/21/11)

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