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Recent Papers

Robert Damrauer

Robert Damrauer - Complete Versions of Papers Since 2009

(Note: Some of these are linked to the On-Line American Chemical Society Site-- if you do not have access to the ACS Site, you will not be able to view these)

Computational Studies of Silanediimine Rings, Polyhedron, 2015, 97, 13-19 Computational Studies of Cyclic Carbodiimide Rings, J. Organic Chemistry, 2014, 79, 3781-3788 Studies of 1,2-Dihalo Shifts in Carbon-Carbon, Carbon-Silicon, and Silicon-Silicon Systems: A Computational Study, Organometallics, 2012, 31, 8426-8436 Interaction of Tetrahedrane and Tetrasilatetrahedrane with CH2 and SiH2: A Computational Study, Organometallics, 2010, 29, 4975-4982 Activation of P4 by Singlet Silylene (SiH2): A Computational Study, Organometallics, 2009, 28, 1289-1294

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