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Mohsen Tadi

Mechanical Engineering

​​ Welcome to my research page. Here, you will find information on my research work. If you like additional information or preprint feel free to send me an E-mail.

Dynamics and Control

Research in this field is directed at the control of systems governed by partial/ordinary differential equations. My efforts in this field is in the area of control of flexible structures. Specifically, the goal is to obtain feedback laws for control of flexible beams, plates and multi-component systems. Recent results inculde the application of piezoceramic actuators to the problem of panel flutter. Current efforts is directed at the extension of these control laws to the control of panel flutter in transonic regimes.

Computational Solid Mechanics

Research is directed at the applications of non-destructive techniques for the problem of parameter identification in elastic solids. Two specific problems are of particular interest. One is the inverse wave scattering in layered medium for monitoring airport pavement integrity; and the other is for the identification of material properties for components used in electronic devices. In both cases, measurements can be collected at the surface based on which subsurface material information is to be recovered. For both problems accurate numerical modelling of the elastic wave scattering for relatively long times is essential.

Inverse Problems

Research is directed at inverse problems involving heat transfer. In particular the goal is to further apply a recently developed method which is based on Quazi-Reversibility to inverse problems for the radiation heat transfer. Radiation heat transfer is modelled by a system of linear integro-differential equations and, in principle, it is possible to extend this method to such problems. Efforts in this direction also include the development of accurate numerical schemes for such coupling between interacting bodies.

Controls Class

Math Class


Recent Publications:

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