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Dr. Jimmy Kim, P.Eng.


 Members in 2015


 Members in 2014


 Members in 2013


 Members in 2011

Visiting scholar

  • Dr. Changhai Peng: Southeast University, China (2015-2016)
  • Dr. Wei Ji: Lanzhou Jiatong University, China (2015-2016)
  • Dr. Jongsup Park: Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Korea (2014-2015)
  • Dr. Kejian Sheng: Heilongjiang Institute of Technology, China (2013-2014)

Advisor of graduate students (current)

  • Yongcheng Ji (PhD student) in-progress
  • Ibrahim Bumadian (PhD student) in-progress
  • Abdullah Alajmi (PhD student) in-progress
  • Thushara Siriwardanage (PhD student) in-progress
  • Jun Wang (PhD student) in-progress
  • Adel Gaddafi (PhD student)
  • Eric Bodenstab (MS student) in-progress
  • Matthew Gawelko (MS student) in-progress
  • Abdulalziz Alqurashi (MS student) in-progress
  • Aiham Yaseen (MS student) in-progress
  • Asrar Eltomi (MS student) in-progress
  • Yufei Chai (MS student) in-progress
  • Wei Li (MS student) in-progress
  • Piotr Gibala (MS student) in-progress
  • Ahmed Ibraheem (MS student) in-progress
  • Travis Ford (MS student) in-progress
  • Mohammed Bhiri (MS student) in-progress
  • Ahmad Omar (MS student) in-progress
  • Brian Wilson (MS student) in-progress
  • Fausto Hidalgo (MS student) in-progress

Advisor of graduate students (former)

  • Amer Hmidan (PhD 2014): Crack-dependent response of structural steel members repaired with CFRP
  • Chris Hessek (MS 2015): Evaluation of FRP tube bracing as a seismic retrofit method for existing buildings
  • Lianjie Liu (MS 2015): Response monitoring and modeling of constructed light rail bridges
  • Di Wei (MS 2015): Live load distribution factors and structrual performance of light rail bridges with pier settlement
  • Joshua Chavez (MS 2015) Probability-based parametric investigation into the behavior of shear-damaged concrete members repaired with carbon fiber reinforced polymer sheets
  • Ray Nickle (MS 2015): Numerical investigations of FRP prestressed bridge girders
  • Thomas Schanandore (MS 2015): Structural enhancement utilizing smart materials: experimens and applications involving piezoelectric actuators and shape memory alloys
  • Jun Wang (MS 2014): Behavior of concrete with internal curing agents
  • Kun Jiang (MS 2014): Obliquely loaded steel elements strengthened with CFRP sheets
  • Ibrahim Bumadian (MS 2014):Corrosion of steel members strengthened with CFRP sheets
  • Kenny Qian (MS 2014): An experimental investigation in to the behavior of GFRP columns at elevated temperatures
  • Thushara Siriwardanage (MS 2014): Mechanochemical investigation into bond performance of an NSM CFRP strengthening system at elevated temperatures
  • Abdul Namrou (MS 2013): An experimental investigation into the behavior of concrete elements retrofitted with NSM composite strips at elevated temperatures
  • Adel Gaddafi (MS 2013): Performance evaluation of severely deteriorated pervious concrete
  • Michael Wang (MS 2013): Connection capacity of pultruded GFRP channels in multidirectional loading
  • Austin Allard (MS 2012): Energy-saving non-metallic connectors for residential buildings in cold regions
  • Garrett Brunell (MS 2012): Functionality of a damaged stele truss bridge strengthened with CFRP tendons
  • Fuad Khan (MS 2011): Time-dependent behavior of various FRP composites for structural applications
  • Mozahid Hossain (MS 2010): Durability of concrete members strengthened with CFRP sheets under harsh environmental conditions

Advisor of undergraduate students

  • Leticia Bezerra Queiroz: Construction of bridge database in the United States, 2015-2015
  • Caroline Torres: Infrared thermal imaging for structural health monitoring, 2015-2015
  • Jan Pires: Chloride penetration of concrete elements, 2015-2015
  • Felipe Braga de Oliveira Cipiao: Bond behavior of steel-composite interface, 2015-2015
  • Kevin Johnk: A high-fidelity sensing technique for deteriorated concrete members, 2012-2012
  • Jeannie Highsmith: A smart cementitious layer using carbon nano tubes, 2012-2012
  • Thushara Siriwardanage: Debonding-free CFRP-strengthening systems for steel beams, 2012-2012
  • Jared LaBere: SMP adhesive for strengthening steel structures, 2011-2012
  • Andy Reberg: Axial behavior of bio-building material, 2009-2010
  • Garrett Brunell (McNair scholar): Fracture properties of steel members strengthened with CFRP sheets, 2008-2010

Thesis examining committee

  • Yangoubo Liu (MS) 2015
  • Zak Grabowski (MS) 2015
  • David Hall (MS) 2015
  • Troy Domingo (MS) 2014
  • Sean Tokarz (MS) 2014
  • Jennifer Harris (MS) 2013
  • Ron Kuzdorfer (MS) 2013
  • Daniel Martinez (MS) 2013
  • Cuong Vu (PhD) 2013
  • Arpad Csay (MS) 2013
  • Preeda Chomsrimake (MS) 2012
  • Elisabeth Cole (MS) 2012
  • David Currie (MS) 2012
  • Michael Moses (MS) 2012
  • Mohamed Kayser (MS) 2011
  • Robert Jenson (MS) 2011
  • Chao Wen (PhD), 2011
  • Durasami Saravanathiivan (MS) 2010
  • Ramanjaneyulu Tatiraju (MS) 2008

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