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Jae-Do Park, Ph.D


  • ELEC 3164 - Energy Conversion
  • ELEC 4164/5164 - Electric Drive Systems
  • ELEC 4170 - Electric Drive Systems Laboratory
  • ELEC 5710 - Advanced Electric Drive Systems
  • ELEC 5720- Practical Drive Systems
  • ELEC 5725- Advanced Electric Machinery


  • EE 4164/5164. Electric Drive Systems 
    Covers power electronics drives for rotating electric machinery. Topics include mechanical system requirements for drives, typical load characteristics, electric circuits review, magnetic circuits review, power converter fundamentals, electromechanical energy conversion principles, introduction to DC, synchronous and induction machine drives. Prereq: EE3164 Energy Conversion or equivalent. Cross-listed with ELEC 5174. Semester Hours: 3 to 3
  • EE 4170. Electric Drive Systems Laboratory
    Offers hands-on experience on rotating electric machine drives. Experiments include diode rectifier, pulse-width modulation (PWM) inverter, induction, DC, and synchronous machine drives. Up-to-date industrial equipment and advanced computer controller will be utilized. Prereq or Coreq: EE4164 Electric Drive Systems or equivalent. Semester Hours: 1 to 1
  • EE 5710. Advanced Electric Drive Systems 
    Covers advanced theory and control techniques for electric machine drives. The course offers theories and techniques for graduate researches and engineering jobs in related fields. Topics include field oriented control theory, pulse-width modulation (PWM) techniques, detailed dynamic modeling and simulation of induction machine/drive system, advanced control algorithms and controller design. Matlab programming is used for simulations. Prereq: EE4164 Electric Drive Systems or equivalent. Semester Hours: 3 to 3
  • EE 5720. Practical Drive Systems
    Practical electric machine drive design and implementation techniques using industrial hardware and software are covered. Topics include electric machine and control theory review, power electronics converter control, induction machine speed controller design and actual implementation of an induction machine drive using up-to-date microcontroller. Prereq: EE1520 Embedded Systems Engineering I or equivalent, EE4164/5164 Electric Drive Systems or equivalent. Semester Hours: 3 to 3
  • EE 5725. Advanced Electric Machinery
    In-depth theoretical principles, physical insight and analysis techniques for electromechanics and electric machines are covered focused on rotating machinery. The course is advanced sequel of EE3164 Energy Conversion for graduate level students. Topics include magnetic circuits, electromechanical energy conversion principles, various electric machine definitions such as DC, induction, and synchronous machines, their properties and analysis, software tools, and examples. Prereq: EE3164 Energy Conversion or equivalent. Semester Hours: 3 to 3

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