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Research Group

Jae-Do Park, Ph.D


    Current Students
  • Bhanu Babaiahgari, Ph.D., Electrical Eng., "DC Power System Control and Protection"
  • Anas Alseyat, Ph.D., Electrical Eng., "DC Power System Control and Protection"
  • Md. Habib Ullah, Ph.D., Electrical Eng., "DC Power System Optimization"
  • Feng Shuo, Ph.D., Electrical Eng., "Bioelectricity Energy Harvesting"
  • Hwanmin Jeong, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Multi-Agent System for DC Power Systems"
  • Zizhuo Chen, M.S., Electrical Eng., "BLDC Drive System"
  • Graduates
  • Muhannad Alaraj, Ph.D., Electrical Eng., "Microbial Fuel Cell Energy Harvesting Systems"
  • Feng Shuo, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Bioelectricity Energy Harvesting"
  • Keoni Hutton, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Shipboard Power Systems"
  • Mustafa Sen, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Fault Detection and Location for MMC System"
  • Bhanu Babaiahgari, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Motor Control System Implementation using Matlab Code Generator"
  • Matthew Bond, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Current Sensorless Energy Harvesting System for Thermoelectric Generator"
  • Thiago Alves Lima, B.S., Electrical Eng., "Autonomous Bootstrap Circuit"​
  • Liyuan Ma, M.E., Electrical Eng., "Fault Protection System for Data Center"
  • Bu-Il Kang, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Application of Thyristor-Controlled Series Reactor for Fault Current Limitation and Power System Stability Enhancement", Won Outstanding Graduate Student Award 2013.
  • Abdulaziz Alateeq, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Active Disturbance Rejection Control"
  • Heming Wang, Ph.D., Civil Eng., University of Colorado Denver (Co-advising with Prof. J. Ren)
  • Abdela Esmeail, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Induction Mahcine Torque Control"
  • Jiannin Song, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Wind Turbine Related Grid Fault Analysis"
  • Casey Clark, M.E., Electrical Eng., "Induction Machine Driven Pump Station Design and Implemtation"
  • Ayman Saed, M.S., Electrical Eng., "PV-driven Water Pumping System with MPPT Technique"
  • Sejal Metha, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Control of Grid-Tied PWM Converter"
  • Subesh Aryal, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Grid-connected PV Control System"
  • Jared Candelaria, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Protection of VSC-based Low-Voltage DC Systems", May 2012, Won Outstanding Graduate Student Award 2012.
  • Manasa Ramaraju, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Interpretation of Operational Faults in an Inverter fed Induction machine"
  • Abdulsalam Benaissa, M.S., Electrical Eng., "Comparative Study of Induction Motor and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor"

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