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Dr. Jan Bialasiewicz



Course Descriptions

  • ELEC 3316 Linear Systems Theory Introduces the fundamentals of signals and systems analysis. Topics include: time domain analysis of continuous and discrete time systems, frequency domain (Laplace and z-transform) analysis, applications to filters and feedback systems, Fourier transform for both continuous and discrete time signals, sampling and signal reconstruction, applications to communication systems and state space representation. Learning experience is enhanced by using MATLAB-based examples and experiments. Prereq: ELEC 2142.
  • ELEC 4136 Control Systems Analysis Introduces students to the fundamentals of analysis and design of feedback systems. Topics include: mathematical models of linear continuous-time systems applied to modeling physical systems in the time and frequency domain, control system characteristics, Routh’s stability and transient response analysis, Nyquist stability and polar plots, analysis and design of linear control systems by root locus and frequency response, methods, compensator implementation, finite-precision numerical effects, round-off errors, and computer-based design applications. Prereq: ELEC 3316; Prereq/Coreq: ELEC 3817.
  • ELEC 5638 Digital Image Processing Basics of two-dimensional (2-D) systems theory, including 2-D Fourier transform, Z-transform, and difference equations. Design of 2-D filters for image processing applications. Image transforms, including the 2-D Fft, cosine, Hadamard and Kl. Image enhancement and restoration techniques. Method of image coding and compression. Prereq: ELEC 5637.
  • ELEC 5667 Wavelet Theory and Applications Topics include: fundamentals of signal decomposition; theory of filter banks; multi-resolution analysis and fast wavelet transforms; applications image and video image and video compression; and denoising and feature detection. Prereq: Graduate standing or permission of instructor.

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