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Group Picutures


Group pictures about once a year...


(2020 due to COVID-19, the campus was closed, and Sherleen drew this picture for the group): Quillen, Tanja, Baris, Sahit, Jillian, Nara, Hai, Mikias, Billy, Sierra, Adam, Shamik, and Sherleen

Group2019image006.jpg(2019) Baris, Julia, Jillian, Adam, Nara, Sahit, Mikias, Sherleen, Hai, and Tanja [not pictured: Shamik, Yishak, and Sungjoon]

Group2018_6a.jpg(2018) Hai, Sherleen, Adam, Shamik, Jillian, Baris, Sahit, Tanja, Mikias, Dani, Julia, and Nara

IMG_1146.jpeg(2017) Nara, Eun-Bie, Chung-Hung, Lam, Mikias, Julia, Adam, Christina, Baris, Dani, Hai, Emily, and Sherleen

GroupPicture2016.png(2016) Hai, Eun-Bie, Dani, Adam, Mackenzie, Jack, Christina, Nara, and Dante

(2015) Jack, Christina, Adam, Eun-Bie, Dante, Nara, Mackenzie, and Hai

(2014) Christal, Nara, Hai, Soroosh, Jack, Cece, and Christal

(2013) Jon, Soroosh, Lesley, Hai, Cece, Nara, and Christal [not pictured: Eun]

(2012) Eun, Soroosh, Cece, Jon, Nara, Hai, and Lesley [no pictured: Christal]

(2011) Kevin, Mia, Hai, Soroosh, and Jason

(2010) Lauren, Mia, Hai, Soroosh, Ethan, and David

(2008) Lynelle, Hai, and Phani

(2007) Eliane, Christopher, Phani, Yan, Daniel, and Hai [not pictured: Carrie]

(2005) Started with just one person.

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