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Auntie Barbara’s guide to writing like an ivy-leaguer or better

Barbara Goodrich, Ph.D.

Trinity College Library in Dublin, Eire (Ireland)
Trinity College Library in Dublin, Eire (Ireland)


Pour yourself out a cup of tea, or a glass of whiskey, or whatever little indulgence makes you feel most comfortable.   We’re about to achieve splendid things.  It won’t be entirely easy, but of course few things worthwhile are.

And you’ve already mastered far more complicated skills.  The first time you spoke a complete sentence, when you were a curious little kid, was an almost miraculous coming together of neurons firing, muscular coordination, and a desire to communicate.  You needed that huge step forward.  You wanted to connect to others at a new level of complexity, that made room for your growing and learning, that respected your new status and paradoxically enabled you to become closer to others. 

Compared to that, and many other achievements in your life (that I bet you took for granted)  this little mini-course is a piece of cake.  

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